Bare Root Roses
Although our container gift collection has become very popular in recent years, most of our customers buy their roses as bare roots.

If you're new to bare root roses, these are roses shipped without soil from November to April during the natural resting period of the plants.
There are several advantages to planting bare root roses. First and foremost, bare roots allow gardeners a far wider choice. There are around 800 varieties in our bare root rose collection, including many old and rare varieties.

Bare root roses are available during the times of the year when the plants would normally be resting. This means plants can be moved and stored with little or no disturbance, allowing the gardener to work with the natural rhythms of the seasons. The colder, rainier conditions during the bare root despatch season (normally from November to April) help the roses to become established in the garden, ready to burst into life when the weather starts to become warmer.

Bare roots are the most economical way to buy roses as they are easier to transport. This makes them ideal for planting large areas.

Our premium quality bare root roses have a strong bud union, full of dormant eyes that will produce new stems. The short, healthy branches are pre-pruned for maximum first year growth. The root systems are strong and well-developed to ensure a good start for a vigorous healthy rose.

With so many roses in our collection, many with very different growth habits, sizes and characteristics, not every bare root rose looks exactly the same. However, all our roses are covered by our twelve month guarantee (see our terms and conditions for details).

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Mycorrhizal Fungi
David Austin recommends the use of Mycorrhizal Fungi when planting.

Mycorrhizal Fungi is designed to get roses and most other plants off to the best possible start in the garden.

It contains a broad mix of mycorrhizal fungi, with added beneficial bacteria and a balanced complex of biostimulants.

To achieve the best result, it is important to apply the Mycorrhizal Fungi as closely as possible to the roots of the rose.

Hold the wet bare roots over the planting hole and sprinkle the appropriate quantity of Mycorrhizal Fungi over them. A proportion will stick to the roots and the rest will fall into the hole. The rose can then be planted.

A 90g (3oz) pouch is sufficient for three bare root or containerised roses.

For more information about Mycorrhizal Fungi, click here
Mycorrhizal Fungi - Helps plants flourish throughout their life
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