David Austin Recommended Variety

Category Climbing and Rambler Roses
  (Rambler Roses)
Bred By Schmidt
Colour Dark magenta
Flower Type Semi-double
Size Medium Rambler
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Rich orange scent
Repeating None
Special Characteristics No thorns

A vigorous rambler of typical multiflora character, producing large, closely packed clusters of small cupped flowers. They flowers are a beautiful and unusual mix of colours. They open dark magenta with a white centre – and are occasionally streaked white - with an attractive boss of bright yellow stamens. As the blooms age, they turn dark violet, finally fading to lilac-grey. Can appear almost blue on occasions. The foliage is light green and the growth almost thornless. There is a fresh, fruity scent, often with rich orange notes. Rather stiff growth, with many strong stems shooting from the base of the plant. A position in partial shade often creates the richest colouring. Ideal for walls, pillars and pergolas.15ft.

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