Francine Austin (Ausram)

Category English Roses
  (Spray-Flowered English Roses)
Bred By David Austin
Colour White
Flower Type Double/Full Bloom
Size Medium Shrub
Short Climber
Hardiness Hardy
Fragrance Old Rose & Musk
Repeating Excellent
Special Characteristics Repeat flowering. Small rosette flowers

Small, glistening white, pompon-like flowers held well apart on wiry stems in large, dainty sprays. It flowers intermittently throughout the summer. This is the only spray-flowered English Rose – the result of a cross with a Noisette Rose. Sweetly scented with Old Rose and musk. This is an attractive medium to large shrub with spreading growth and long, elegantly arching stems. To encourage new growth, from time to time, cut back some of the thick old stems. With a little encouragement, this rose also makes a satisfactory climber, particularly when planted against a wall.

3 ft x 4 ft or 5 ft as a climber.

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3+ £14.95 each


PRE-ORDER: Bare root roses are delivered in November/December 2015.

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29 August 2015